Visas and Eligibility

All applications are prepared byomara-graphic-charcoal
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Assistance is given in the following visa Applications:

  • Parent Visas (subclasses) 173, 143, 804, 864, 884, 103
  • Partner visas (subclasses) 300, 820/801, 309/100
  • Skilled visas
    • GSM visas (General Skilled Migration) (subclasses) 189, 190, 491
    • Employer- sponsored visas (subclasses) 186, 457, 494
  • Business, Investor visas (subclasses) 188, 888

Assistance with other visas sub classes will be determined on individual circumstances (full list of Australian visas)

Many applications require skill assessments – preparation of these applications are also included in quoted fees (the application charges will be listed in “Disbursements”)

If your visa application involves a state sponsorship/nomination – preparation of the state application is also included in the quoted fees (there may be seperate application charges – to be included in disbursements)

Quick eligibility assessment:

Please download and compete the Visa Eligibility Questionnaire for a quick assessment.  The details you provide will be used to determine your eligibility for a GSM (General Skilled Migration) visa to Australia or any other options you may have and to provide an estimate as to the costs.

If you wish to make a more general inquiry – please use this form instead.